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Mark Meer and Raphael Sbarge are coming to Denver Comic Con.

Now all I need is Gideon Emery, Brandon Keener and Adam Howden to come as well. BIOWARE PARTY PLZ?!

Don’t forget, I’m bringing you Kimberly Brooks, too!


Don’t suppose anyone else noticed Raphael Sbarge hanging out at the SuperBowl, yesterday?  Just me, then?

Hey guys, I’m fairly certain he was in Los Angeles, not at the Super Bowl.

Jenna DeAngeles making origami paper hearts.

I think even I could do this!

Asker sirenrayn Asks:
You are beyond cool. Happy New Year!
fangeek fangeek Said:

Happy New Year to all of you cool people, too!

how are you so awesome?
fangeek fangeek Said:

LMAO. And *blush.*



before 2013 ends inbox me one thing you’ve always wanted to know or say to me and i have to reply to all of them


Dear people who tag AN ENTIRE CAST of a show in a picture with JUST TWO PEOPLE:

You’re doing it wrong.

Someone who follows particular tags for one reason, not 10

Jenna DeAngeles is a name some of you may know — if you don’t, check out her channel on YouTube, full of crafty projects that anyone can follow. Tomorrow, join her at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST for her first Livestream show!


Okay, seriously - is J. August Richards really REALLY tall, or is Clark Gregg really REALLY short?!  (Or is the former wearing platform shoes?)

J’s 6’3”. But carries it like he’s 7’1”. As a frame of reference, I’m 5’11”.


The second they get annoying Scottish Princess Brat into the show as some kind of super archer who taught Snow how to become Leoglas I am done…It’s going to happen.Here are some questions that have never seemed to have resolved?

1) How the hell did Philip get out of the Wrathe?

2) Did Nova and Grumpy catch up again? Are they even talking?

3) When did Neal get into our world to have aged as we saw in during Emma’s flashback?

4)What got Henry to be depressed and assume everyone was fairytale characters?

5) Who wrote the book??

Oh yay! Let’s continue on the Once Upon a Time-unopened questions thread! Add yours here!

I’ll say it: I’m annoyed about the news regarding the casting of Rapunzel on Once Upon a Time.

However, it’s not for the reason others are citing. She could be purple, for all I care. No. I’m pissed because they’re adding yet another plaything to the mix.

Dear Once writers: Put a pin in the cast growth, k? Just, stop for two episodes or so, and write for the people already in the cast. Yes, it’s super awesome fun and cool that you literally have any fairy-tale character at your disposal to toss into the mix.

But stop for a second and write for the ones we already care about.

Stop for a second and give Archie and Granny and the others more to do than to prop up poor, misunderstood Rumple and Regina, in the modern day or “11 years ago.” Stop turning legendary characters like Tink and Ariel into allegories illustrating what a woobie Regina is.

I’m sure this is all useless, and will be yet another fan pissing into the wind that is the Internet. I just wish this show, which could be beyond amazing, would embrace what they have, rather than getting distracted with new toys that help them dive into the backstory of a select few characters. Because, as my friend noted a few days ago, I’m pretty sure the only thing we haven’t explored yet are Rumplestiltskin’s potty training days. I’m sure baby!Rumple would nail it, but I just want to see this entire world strengthened. That is my Christmas wish for Once.



didnt expect that 


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em I don’t remember doing anything special during the panel, so these looks must be accidental… hahaha idek… I am laughing so hard now.

Oh my gosh, Raphael, what is your face? :P

"Hey baby, wanna see my cricket?"

(alternately, insert wooden puppet joke here)

I hate you all, she says, as she waits for Raphael to call her back.

"Pan needs Henry’s heart."
"And what happens to Henry?"

Only on Once, will someone hear that someone may lose their heart and then ask “So what happens then?”



I feel like after this episode, the only part of Rumple’s backstory that we haven’t seen will be that time in his mother’s womb…?

Taking the words out of our mouths.

If I get one more Rumple flashback, I’m burning a spinning wheel.

Get it, girl.

So where the hell did Rumple pick up the accent?

Oh! He found it!